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How Many Flakes/Chips Do I Need For My Garage Floor?

If you’re looking to find out how many flakes/chips you should order for your garage floor (or any project requiring flakes/chips), you’ve come to the right place.

Depending on your specific technique for distribution, your required look, and your desired use, we’ve included a simple way to determine just how many flakes/chips you should order for your project.

Typical floor flake/floor chip flooring application coverage rates:

Flake Size Full Coverage Partial Coverage
1/4″ (Stock) 5-7 SF/LB 25-250 SF/LB
Coverage rates vary depending on preferences and application techniques.

For most of your full coverage applications, pour a good amount of the floor flakes/floor chips into a 5-gallon bucket. Once the epoxy is ready, start […]

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How Much Epoxy Do I Need For My Floor?

To know how much epoxy you’ll need for your flooring project, you will first need to measure and get the square footage. Width x length = square footage.

It’s also important that you take into account epoxy that may seep under baseboards, etc. When ordering epoxy, it’s always best practice to have at least 15% more than what you think you need. This accounts for accidents, low spots, etc.

How Much Epoxy Do I Need For My Floor?

Our 3-gallon Xtreme FX floor kit covers between 100-120 square feet on a color coat. When you’re planning the amount of epoxy you need, you’ll not only want to take into consideration your square footage, you’ll also want to consider any skim […]

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