Solids Content Concentrated
Pot Life N/A
Tack Free N/A
Foot Traffic N/A
Heavy Traffic N/A
Re-Coat Window N/A
Dry Appearance N/A
VOC Content N/A


Mix the desired amount of Base Color FX in Part A of Base Coat FX or Xtreme FX Epoxy for 1-2 minutes. Mix at a slow speed to avoid introducing air into the products prior to mixing parts A & B. Material may separate during long term storage. Remix as needed.

*Color Needed

0 – 10 Mils: 2 Base Color FX per 3-gallon kit – 10 Base Color FX per 15-gallon kit
11 – 25 Mils: 1 Base Color FX per 3-gallon kit – 5 Base Color FX per 15-gallon kit

*Usage rates are only suggested amounts! Due to varying porosity, substrate, surface texture, and desired look, a test area is recommended to achieve the desired results.

Caution: Don’t add too much color! Apply to a test area prior to the job application for your desired appearance. Over pigmenting may cause color floating and/or streaking, especially with darker colors! Do not allow puddles! The average usage is 1 Base Color FX pint per 3 gallons of material for most opaque applications. For lighter colors it may take more and darker colors may take less depending on the application as well as the composition of the solvent-based acrylic sealer. Check Base Color FX for compatibility with the competitors’ 100% solids epoxy prior to use!