Solids Content 58%
Pot Life 2 Minutes
Tack Free 4-5 Minutes
Foot Traffic 10-15 Minutes
Dry Appearance Light tan with some gloss
VOC Content Less Than 431 Grams/Liter mixed


Caution: Only mix in small workable quantities.

Mix Part A and Part B in separate containers with a stir stick, low-speed mixer, or vigorously shake container prior to mixing to ensure uniform distribution of all ingredients. Material may separate during long term storage. Proper mixing is pertinent to application success. In equal parts (1:1 ), mix Part A and Part B using a clean, dry mixing container.

Stir contents for approximately 15-30 seconds. Mix contents in close proximity to where the material will be used. It is common to only mix 8-16 fluid oz. at one time in a disposable paper cup with a stir stick or tongue depressor. DO NOT THIN!

Coverage rates will vary. For reference, 1 gallon will fill 324 feet of crack at 1/4 inch wide by 1/4 inch deep.

*Coverage rates will vary depending upon the damaged areas’ width and depth, surface porosity, texture, and application method. Excessive build-up should be avoided.

Expected workable pot life after mixing Part A and Part B is approximately 2 minutes with a temperature range of 70°F – 80°F at roughly 50% relative humidity. Crack Repair FX may set slower in lower temperatures.


Mix small amounts (8-16 fluid oz.) in a flexible container for easy dispensing.

Pour directly into the crack or over the sand in the crack base. If necessary, work the repair area quickly with a small putty knife. Allow material to rise to just above finished grade and allow to set. Let material set completely (typically 10-15 minutes), and grind smooth using a diamond cup wheel on an angle grinder.

If necessary, apply again in low areas for a seamless finish. Note that deeper areas with more volume of Crack Repair FX should be allowed additional time to sit before coating to prevent solvent entrapment and bubbles in the coating applied over the Crack Repair FX.

Caution To First Time Users: Crack Repair is a very fast setting product. We recommend testing in a separate application to become familiar with how Crack Repair FX works.