Solids Content N/A
Pot Life N/A
Tack Free N/A
Foot Traffic N/A
Heavy Traffic N/A
Re-Coat Window N/A
Dry Appearance N/A
VOC Content N/A


For each 3 Gallon kit, mix a 32 oz container (add more or less to achieve your desired opacity) of Metallic 3DFX color in Part A of Xtreme FX Epoxy and mix for a minimum of 2 minutes with a drill mixer at slow speed. Add Part B of the Xtreme FX Epoxy to the pigmented Part A and stir gently but continuously with a drill mixer for 2 full minutes. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container.

Apply the mixed material with a flat or notched squeegee or shedless 3/8″ roller cover at a rate of approximately 35-50 square feet per gallon or at the desired mils rate of thickness.

Various visual effects can be obtained by different finishing techniques. Techniques such as swirling your roller in a circular motion, hand troweling in short strokes, using multiple colors mixed separately and poured out in ribbon-like streams then rolled, squeegeed or troweled, misting Denatured Alcohol, MEK, or Acetone FX on the surface, or, believe it or not, you can even gently use a leaf blower. These are just some of the techniques that can be used to create custom finishes.