Solids Content 100%
Mix Ratio 1:1 (1 Part A – 1 Part B)
Pot Life 50-75 Minutes
Tack Free 12-20 Hours
Light Use 4-6 Days
Heavy Use 6-10 Days or After Topcoat Dries
Re-Coat Window 7-18 Hours
Dry Appearance Clear Glossy Finish
VOC Content Less Than 60 Grams/Liter Mixed

Prime Coat: If placing on MDF, plywood, or similar material, you can use just about any Paint and Primer from your local hardware store. Apply just enough material to get a good even coat without too much build-up. You’ll want to apply 2 primer coats, sanding with 220 sandpaper in between coats.

You can use any color you desire for the prime coat. Black and white are the most common.

Sand your final prime coat one last time with 220 sandpaper and be sure to clean the surface with Acetone or Isopropyl Alcohol before applying your color coat.


Countertop FX has a 1:1 ratio. If mixing less than a full kit, mix Part A and Part B separately with a stir stick, or low-speed mixer to ensure uniform distribution of all ingredients. In a clean mixing container, blend 1 Parts A and 1 Part B using a drill mixer for 2-3 minutes. Be sure to scrape the sides using a stir stick.


Metallic Coat: 3-4 oz per square foot.
Flood Coat: 3-4 oz per square foot. Yep… It’s the same for both coats.

*Coverage rates may vary depending upon how level the surface is and how much material you need for the edges.

Unlike most concrete coatings systems, there are no specific install standards on the method of application due to the endless possibilities in color combinations and finishing techniques that can be used to manipulate the visual effect of the Metallic 3DFX pigments in Countertop FX Epoxy.

When adding Metallic 3DFX or other colors to your mixed Countertop FX, be sure to mix thoroughly. You have plenty of working time.

Some common colors used are Metallic 3DFX, Base Color FX, Rustoleum 2X Spray Paints, Glitters, and more. Be sure st any colors you may want on a sample board before applying on a paid job.


Applying the color coat, you can use a foam hot dog roller, a 3/8″ nap roller, a 1/8″ notched trowel, or even your gloved hand. Choose the option that suits you best. Be sure to spread the material on the sides.

These are only basic guidelines. There are hundreds of techniques for applying the color coat.

We literally spend hours creating sample boards and testing different techniques. The overall goal is to have fun and enjoy the process.


Now that you’re satisfied with the countertop, it’s time to let it dry.

Once dry, lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper. Clean it thoroughly and apply our 221 WB Matte FX or 421 WB Gloss FX. Both are great topcoats. We just happen to prefer the 221 because it looks more professional. It’s also easier to mix since it’s a 2 to 1 ratio product.

We will be updating this tab often, so be sure to check back.