Solids Content 100%
Pot Life 45-60 Minutes
Tack Free 12-13 Hours
Foot Traffic 21-24 Hours
Heavy Traffic 3-7 Days
Re-Coat Window 6-12 Hours
Dry Appearance Clear Glossy Finish
VOC Content Less Than 55 Grams/Liter Mixed


If mixing less than a full kit, mix Part A and Part B separately with a stir stick, or low-speed mixer to ensure uniform distribution of all ingredients. In a clean mixing container, blend 2 Parts A and 1 Part B using a drill mixer for 2-3 minutes. Avoid creating a vortex in the material which could introduce air and/or moisture content to the mixture. Do not mix more than can be applied within the usable pot life time frame. Do not thin Xtreme FX.

For primer coats, mix 1 container of Base Color FX or 1 container (32 oz) of Metallic 3DFX into Part A of each 3 gallons used. Mix for 2-3 minutes or until the color has been thoroughly mixed.

*Coverage Rates

First Coat – Direct to Concrete: 100 – 140 ft per gallon
Second Coat – Over Existing Coating: 80 – 120 ft per gallon
Metallic Coat – Over Existing Coating: 35-50 ft per gallon

*Coverage rates may vary depending upon surface porosity, texture, application method, and prior coating application. Excessive build-up should be avoided.

Unlike most concrete coatings systems, there are no specific install standards on the method of application due to the endless possibilities in color combinations and finishing techniques that can be used to manipulate the visual effect of the Metallic 3DFX pigments in Xtreme FX Epoxy.

Prime Coat: For a 3 Gallon kit, depending on the desired colors, mix either a 16 oz Base Color FX for a solid color prime coat or a 32 oz Metallic 3DFX pigment pack to the Part A Xtreme FX or Base Coat FX epoxy and slowly stir with a drill mixer for 1 – 2 minutes or until the color is thoroughly dispersed. Then add Part B (Xtreme FX or Base Coat FX) and stir slowly for 2 full minutes or until the color is thoroughly mixed. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing bucket.

As a final mixing step, we strongly recommend placing the mixed (A and B) material in a clean bucket and mixing for an additional 1-2 minutes.


As a base coat, spread material evenly using a flat or notched squeegee at 100 -140 square feet per gallon and back roll using a shedless 3/8″ nap roller cover. The object is to completely seal off the concrete surface prior to applying the next coat. A common prime coat color to use is Black Base Color FX. It hides the discoloration of the concrete and any crack patching material.

There are several ways to place the mixed epoxy depending on your desired look and the number of Metallic 3DFX colors you will be using.

As a metallic coat, pour the mixed material in ribbons, puddles, etc., and spread evenly using a flat or notched squeegee at 35 -50 square feet per gallon. Pour and apply mixed material on the floor immediately after mixing as leaving in mix container will shorten pot life.


If possible, recoat within the suggested recoat window located above. Apply additional coats in the same manner as the first coat. Note that higher substrate, air, and material temperatures as well as excessive humidity may greatly reduce the acceptable recoat window of this product. When working in higher temperatures, always recoat as early in the recoat window as possible to avoid failure between coats. If recoating outside the suggested recoat window or beyond 24 hours, sand using a 60-120 grit sanding screen to ensure adequate adhesion between coats. Vacuum dust thoroughly, rinse with clean water, and remove excess water with a wet/dry vacuum or floor scrubber. Allow the surface to dry completely prior to application of the coating. Where applicable and with adequate ventilation, wipe the surface with acetone and a microfiber dust mop.

Caution: Acetone FX is extremely flammable! If using acetone follow all safety precautions, make sure no pilot lights, open flames, sources of static electricity, sparks, or extreme heat sources are present. Use the recommended personal protection for Acetone FX.