You Can Do It Too!

Epoxy Flake/Chip FloorEpoxy Flake Floors, also known as epoxy chip floors, have become the standard for garage floors in recent years. You may not, however, know that epoxy flake floors have also become extremely popular in many other public and non-public places as well.

If you need durability, chemical resistance, UV resistance, and something that looks good, all at the same time, then an Epoxy Flake Floor is probably what you’re looking for.

While an epoxy flake floor looks great in a garage, it also looks great and functions perfectly on patios, porches, sidewalks, and driveways, and that’s just to name a few places around the house that could benefit.

More and more public places such as restaurant kitchens, public bathrooms, restaurant dining rooms, and automobile centers have started trusting epoxy flake floors for their long-term wearability and aesthetics.

With literally hundreds of colors to choose from, epoxy flake floors have become one of the most installed floors in the United States.

Properly installed, a garage floor will never experience what is commonly known as “Hot Tire Pickup“. This is when a vehicle pulls into a garage with an epoxy flake coating after a long drive. Once the vehicle leaves, it starts to pull the coating off where the tires once were. With a properly installed epoxy flake floor, this will not usually happen.

Our Base Coat FX and Base Coat 93 FX (Tinted) excel at adhering to properly prepared concrete. Be sure to check out NWA Garage Floors to see some of their awesome floors!

Epoxy Flake Floor Products Needed

MVB FX - Moisture Vapor Barrier


Base Coat 93 FX

Base Coat 93 FX

Domino B-411 Floor Flakes

Floor Flakes

Poly FX 90 Topcoat

Poly FX 90

Epoxy Base Coat 93 FX

Grinding the ConcreteEpoxy Flake floors can literally be installed by anyone! It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. If you can follow simple guidelines, you too can have one of the most sought-after floors ever.

Is there a secret to installing a great epoxy flake floor? You bet there is! It all starts with the Base Coat 93 FX.

The base coat is what we call the insurance coat. Keep in mind that the concrete will need to be ground down before installing Base Coat 93 FX.

There are 3 main benefits to the Base Coat 93 FX.

  1. The Base Coat FX is a 93% solids epoxy that seals the concrete. This is required to help ensure that any air in the concrete doesn’t come through on your final metallic floor.
  2. It gives you an excellent idea as to how your end product will look. While not required, it allows you to make changes. sometimes, either you or your customer may decide you want more or less of a particular color. You may even want to change the design.
  3. The Base Coat 93 FX, depending on the colors used, will also show through on the final floor. It gives a very beautiful and “soft” shadow to your final metallic floor. For example, if you have black, charcoal, (Darker colors), etc. in your Base Coat FX, and you use a mixture of darker colors and lighter colors in your main Xtreme FX metallic floor, the dark colors in your base coat will show up very lightly in your main metallic coat.

While there are many tips and tricks to installing a beautiful metallic epoxy floor, it all starts with a properly installed Base Coat 93 FX. Our professional installers are only a phone call away if you need advice.

Base Coat 93 FX Instructions

Installing Base Coat 93 FXEpoxy FX recommends pouring Base Coat 93 FX epoxy flake floors at a ratio of 150 – 175 square feet per gallon. Base Coat 93 FX has been specifically formulated for thicker pours.

As always, to ensure proper adhesion, we recommend pouring epoxy on a properly prepared substrate. This means properly grinding or shot blasting the floor to make sure your material will adhere to the floor for many years to come. The properly prepared surface needs to be as clean as possible before applying the material.

Be sure to pre-mix Part A. Mix well but slow. You want to avoid a rapid mixture that allows air to be inserted through a vortex. Mix for a minimum of 3 minutes. Once mixed, combine with Part B and mix for 2 minutes. Pour the mixed material into a clean bucket and mix for an additional 1-2 minutes.

Use a lint-free roller. Depending on the amount of time you spend placing your epoxy, be sure not to leave the mixed material in the bucket for more than 5 minutes at a time. Do a good job, but get the epoxy out of the bucket.

Base Coat 93 FX, like some of our other products, is to use the “10-minute rule” for applying your epoxy. Once you start applying your epoxy, don’t leave it in the bucket for more than 10 minutes. It can start to boil.