Marble Countertop using Countertop EFXHow much epoxy you’ll need for a countertop largely depends on your style of application. Other factors include the type of material you’re applying to and how many coats of epoxy you’ll be applying.

More often than not, epoxy companies recommend pouring their epoxy at a thickness of around 16-20 mils. That is simply not enough when it comes to epoxy countertops.

To give you an idea, a credit card is about 30 mils thick.

In order to increase the longevity and durability of our Countertop FX epoxy, we have designed it so it could be poured with ease between 80 – 100 mils (1/8 inch) thick. This is simply a guide and our recommendation for Countertop FX. When we pour our countertops, we mix 3 ounces per square foot for both our color coats and our clear flood coats.

How Much Epoxy Will I Need For My Countertop?

Glidden Paint and Primer

To know how much epoxy you’ll need for your countertop, you will first need to measure and get the square footage. Width x length = square footage.

It’s also important that you take into account whether you need to apply a skim coat to your project. If it’s a wood or concrete countertop, you will need to seal the surface with a clear skim coat of epoxy.  One quart will cover approximately 60 square feet for one skim coat. To apply two coats, we would recommend a 2-quart kit as well as the epoxy you need for the color countertop pour. When applying epoxy over MDF, we like to use a paint and primer as a base coat.

For our Countertop FX, one gallon will cover up to 20 square feet. In order to create a single 1/8 inch thick epoxy white marble countertop on a standard 40 square foot countertop, you will need two gallons of epoxy. You’ll also need one base color and 3 metallic powders in pearl, charcoal, and gold for your accent colors.

Let’s say that you have a 100 square foot countertop, how much Countertop FX would you order?

When installing a countertop, you will want to make sure you always have more than enough. If you try to stretch the product thinner than 100 mills, you may have divots in the surface where it was stretched too thin. For a 100 square foot countertop, we would recommend five gallons of epoxy which would give you 100 square feet of coverage.

If you ever need help figuring out how much epoxy you’ll need for your project, give one of our friendly team members a call.