To know how much epoxy you’ll need for your flooring project, you will first need to measure and get the square footage. Width x length = square footage.

It’s also important that you take into account epoxy that may seep under baseboards, etc. When ordering epoxy, it’s always best practice to have at least 15% more than what you think you need. This accounts for accidents, low spots, etc.

How Much Epoxy Do I Need For My Floor?

Our 3-gallon Xtreme FX floor kit covers between 100-120 square feet on a color coat. When you’re planning the amount of epoxy you need, you’ll not only want to take into consideration your square footage, you’ll also want to consider any skim coats you may need. To apply epoxy on a porous surface like concrete, you’ll have to skim coat the surface to seal against air bubbles. For a skim coat, use one gallon of the WB Prime FX primer to cover 200 – 300 square feet.

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