Metallic 3DFX is by far the most unique metallic powder on the market. Our Metallic 3DFX pigment comes in 20 beautiful high-definition colors.

Each container of Metallic 3DFX pigment is enough to color 3 gallons of our Xtreme FX epoxy.

You can use individual colors or a combination of colors to create the perfect look.

When mixed with our Xtreme FX epoxy, the result is a one-of-a-kind marble-like finish that will last for years.

Our Xtreme FX epoxy is a 100% solids epoxy that is easy to use for both professional flooring contractors and DIYers alike. Our unique formula has impressed hundreds of professional installers and homeowners across the country.

Our Xtreme FX epoxy has an impressive 50 to 60 minute pot life which gives you an unparalleled amount of time to be creative.

Metallic 3DFX Benefits

  • Unique coloring system
  • Easily create unique one of a kind looks
  • Each Metallic 3DFX color can produce an array of hues
  • Mixing multiple Metallic 3DFX colors allow for virtually unlimited color variations
  • Creates a brilliant three-dimensional (3-D) effect
  • Each angle will create a slight variation in color

Metallic 3D FX Color Chart

Application Instructions

For best results, mix a single container of Metallic 3DFX in 3 gallons of mixed epoxy (Parts A and B).

Slowly pour Metallic 3DFX in your mixed epoxy (Part A and B). Mix for a minimum of 3 minutes. Pour into a separate container and mix for an additional 60 seconds.

Be sure not to mix at an extremely high speed. The idea is to make sure it gets thoroughly mixed without unnecessarily adding too much air in the mix. Too much air will cause bubbles to appear.