221 WB Matte FX

221 WB Matte FX


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221 WB Matte FX is a matte, water-based aliphatic polyurethane with very low odor and multiple uses.

Our 221 WB Matte FX is the perfect choice as a topcoat for metallic floors, grind and seal floors, and many other interior applications where a low odor, matte, abrasion-resistant topcoat is desired.


221 WB Matte FX is a 56% solids, two to one (221) water-based aliphatic polyurethane with excellent color enhancement properties. 221 WB Matte FX has excellent hardness properties as well as chemical, abrasion, and hot tire resistance. 221 WB Matte FX is low VOC and low odor with multiple uses which makes it perfect for many indoor applications.

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