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Countertop FX is a 100% solids epoxy used as a medium in creating beautiful metallic countertops. Usage is approximately 3 oz of Countertop FX for each coat.

Available in 3/4 and 3-gallon kits.


Countertop FX is a 100% solids, crystal clear epoxy that is unlike any epoxy on the market today. Countertop FX epoxy has an extremely long pot life! (50-60 minutes!) As a result, you have a long working time allowing you to be the creative genius you were meant to be.

With such a long working time, Countertop FX epoxy will have more natural movement. As a result, it helps in giving it a higher than normal 3D effect.

Countertop FX resembles a marbled 3D surface and can be used in conjunction with metallic pigments, certain spray paints, etc.

A metallic countertop is created by adding a metallic pigmented powder to clear epoxy resins. Metallic systems are considered an artistic creation. Multiple designs can be constructed depending on the application technique and colors used. Metallic colors can be combined, allowing for unlimited color variations.

Countertop FX Benefits

  • Extremely long pot life
  • Create unique one of a kind looks
  • Easy to Clean/maintain
  • Metallic colors can be combined allowing for unlimited color variations
  • Creates a brilliant three-dimensional effect
  • Great light reflectivity

As a general rule, use approximately 3 oz of Countertop FX per square foot for each coat.

Get Creative

Creating epoxy countertops has never been easier than it is today. With so many companies selling epoxy, it’s hard to know which epoxy is the real deal and which company has the best product.

Our goal when creating Countertop FX was to give the artist as much time as possible to be as creative as possible. We also wanted to create a countertop epoxy that was as close to UV resistant as possible without breaking the bank. We’ve done that!

With Countertop FX epoxy, you can be as creative as you like. You’ll have the time to work with your epoxy countertop without having to worry about whether or not your material will get ahead of you.

Combined with Metallic 3DFX pigments, you’ll be able to create the countertop you or your client have always wanted.


While you could go without a topcoat on your newly created countertop, we certainly don’t recommend it. It’s an investment that you’ll want to make sure can stand the test of time.

We recommend applying our 221 WB Matte FX on top. It provides the ultimate matte finish protection for your countertop and looks great! If you’re looking to keep it glossy, try using our 421 WB Gloss FX.

Either way, you’re countertop will be protected and look great at the same time!

Countertop FX epoxy is sold in 3/4 and 3 Gallon Kits.

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