Metallic 3DFX

Metallic 3DFX


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Metallic 3DFX Pigment comes in 20 different colors. Each color can be used individually or in combination with multiple colors.


Metallic 3DFX in Epoxy FX WarehouseMetallic 3DFX Pigment comes in 20 different colors. Colors can be used individually or in combination with multiple colors.

32 oz. containers.

Each container of Metallic 3DFX Pigment is enough to thoroughly color a 3-gallon kit of our Xtreme FX epoxy. Colors can be mixed to create even more unique looks.

When using Metallic 3DFX colors, it’s important to make sure the color gets thoroughly mixed.

Whether working on a metallic floor using our Xtreme FX flooring epoxy or a bartop using our Countertop FX epoxy, we have some of the most beautiful metallic pigments available.

There are no set rules when it comes to using Metallic 3DFX colors. Each color will produce its own unique color variation.

When combined with other Metallic 3DFX colors, (Mixed together, poured in the same bucket but not mixed, poured next to each other on the floor, etc.) you’ll achieve a marbleized effect that will completely amaze you and/or your customers!

Metallic 3DFX Pigments come in 20 amazing colors.

Solids Content N/A
Pot Life N/A
Tack Free N/A
Foot Traffic N/A
Heavy Traffic N/A
Re-Coat Window N/A
Dry Appearance N/A
VOC Content N/A


For each 3 Gallon kit, mix a 32 oz container (add more or less to achieve your desired opacity) of Metallic 3DFX color in Part A of Xtreme FX Epoxy and mix for a minimum of 2 minutes with a drill mixer at slow speed. Add Part B of the Xtreme FX Epoxy to the pigmented Part A and stir gently but continuously with a drill mixer for 2 full minutes. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container.

Apply the mixed material with a flat or notched squeegee or shedless 3/8″ roller cover at a rate of approximately 35-50 square feet per gallon or at the desired mils rate of thickness.

Various visual effects can be obtained by different finishing techniques. Techniques such as swirling your roller in a circular motion, hand troweling in short strokes, using multiple colors mixed separately and poured out in ribbon-like streams then rolled, squeegeed or troweled, misting Denatured Alcohol, MEK, or Acetone FX on the surface, or, believe it or not, you can even gently use a leaf blower. These are just some of the techniques that can be used to create custom finishes.


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