Poly FX 90

Poly FX 90 is a 1:1, 90% solids, low-odor polyaspartic polyurea. Low viscosity, long pot life, and a fast return to service. UV Resistant. Can be tinted using Poly Color FX. Use direct to concrete or as a topcoat for coatings.



Floor Flake SystemPoly FX 90 is a 1:1 super low odor polyaspartic polyurea. It is ideal for spaces where time and odor is a concern. We utilize a special blend of low odor solvents to create a unique coating that has a low viscosity, an extremely long pot life, and a super-fast return to service. It provides a high gloss clear coating and its superior penetration and bonding strength can provide years of abrasion, impact, and wear resistance.

Perfect as a top coat for garage floors, auto service centers, animal shelters, commercial spaces, and anywhere a low odor, fast-setting, UV resistant topcoat is required.

Poly FX 90 has an average pot life of 20 minutes in temperatures from 70-80.

At 90% solids material, it’s the perfect topcoat for epoxy flake floors. With only one coat, it allows for enough texture to come through the flake floor to prevent slipping.

Add a second topcoat to give your epoxy flake floor an extremely smooth feel. Whether installing on a flake floor, quartz floor, or a solid epoxy floor, Poly FX 90 is our best selling topcoat for a reason. Easy to apply, tough as nails, and looks great! Add our Grip FX aluminum oxide for excellent slip resistance.


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