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Xtreme FX – 100% Solids Epoxy For Metallic Floors

Xtreme FX – 100% Solids Epoxy For Metallic Floors


Xtreme FX is a 100% solids epoxy for metallic floors and countertops. Xtreme FX has a 45-60 minute pot life allowing you the time to be creative.

Available in 3/4, 3, and 15 gallon kits.



Xtreme FX is a 100% solids epoxy that is unlike any epoxy on the market today. Xtreme FX epoxy has a 45-60 minute pot life and is designed for metallic flooring professionals.

Our 100% solids epoxy will have much more natural movements and helps in giving it a higher than normal 3D effect.

Xtreme FX epoxies resemble a beautifully placed marbled 3D surface.

A metallic floor is created by adding our Metallic FX 3D Pigment powder to Xtreme FX epoxy. Metallic systems are very much considered an artistic creation.

Multiple designs can be constructed depending on the application technique and colors used. Metallic FX 3D Pigment colors can be combined, allowing for unlimited color variations.

Be sure to have a look at some of the completed projects from Glossy Floors.

Xtreme FX Benefits

  • Extra-long pot life
  • Creates unique one of a kind looks
  • Easy to Clean and maintain
  • Multiple Metallic FX 3D Pigment colors can be combined allowing for virtually unlimited color variations
  • Creates a brilliant three-dimensional effect
  • Great light reflectivity in any setting

Sold in 3/4, 3, and 15-gallon kits.

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3/4 Gallon Kit, 3 Gallon Kit, 15 Gallon Kit



When using Xtreme FX 100% solids epoxy for metallic floors, we recommend 40-50 square feet per gallon. This will give you the absolute best possible flow and depth, thus creating a very unique 3D effect.

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