Metallic FX Flooring EpoxyXtreme FX Epoxy is by far the most unique marbelizing floor epoxy on the market. It is a 100% solids epoxy that is easy to use for both professional flooring contractors and DIYers alike.

Our unique formula has impressed hundreds of professionals and homeowners across the country. Our Xtreme FX Epoxy has an impressive 45 to 60 minute pot life which gives you an unparalleled amount of time to be creative.

Combined with our Metallic 3DFX, your Xtreme FX flooring project will be as unique as you.

Xtreme FX Epoxy Benefits

  • Extra-long pot life
  • Creates unique one of a kind looks
  • Easy to Clean and maintain
  • Multiple Metallic 3DFX colors can be combined allowing for virtually unlimited color variations
  • Creates a brilliant three-dimensional effect
  • Great light reflectivity in any setting

Available Kit Sizes:

3/4 Gallon
3 Gallons
4 1/2 Gallons
15 Gallons

Free shipping available for orders of 150 gallons or more.

If you have a project that’s a little too large for comfort, we recommend giving the epoxy flooring professionals at Glossy Floors a call. They offer their services nationwide.

Application Instructions

Epoxy FX recommends pouring epoxy at a ratio of 40-50 square feet per gallon. Xtreme FX Epoxy has been specifically formulated for thicker pours. In return, your floor will have flow patterns, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Assuming you are using more than one color, start by pouring your first color of mixed epoxy in puddles throughout your room. You can pour in puddles or straight lines. Your second color is poured in the same fashion, but pour in areas that are bare. It is ok to cross paths with your first color. They will eventually get mixed anyway.

If only using one color, simply pour your epoxy on the floor in different sections. This will prevent you from having to move large puddles of epoxy to different sections of the room.

Xtreme FX Epoxy can be applied using several different techniques.

The most common technique is to use a lint-free roller, foam roller, or squeegee to “swirl” the epoxy in different directions. Depending on the amount of time you spend swirling your epoxy, this is a great method.

Epoxy FX likes to use the “10-minute rule” for applying Xtreme FX Epoxy. Once you start moving your epoxy with your choice of a roller, squeegee, etc., don’t touch it after 10 minutes unless absolutely necessary. This will allow for the best flow pattern once it dries.

Remember, you have an extremely long pot-life with your epoxy. However, your best flow comes with placing material, moving it around, and leaving it alone.