Metallic Floor With Satin FXSatin FX Metallic Flooring Topcoat is considered the ultimate metallic floor topcoat. A 91% (+/- 2%) solids, three-component aliphatic urethane floor finish that promotes excellent characteristics for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering, and UV stability.

While Satin FX gives the absolute best protection for your metallic floors, it’s important to note that your metallic floors will far exceed your aesthetic expectations. A subtle shine that will last for years to come.

Satin FX has been installed on award-winning floors and continues to amaze contractors, homeowners, and DIYers alike. As an aliphatic urethane, it is primarily used on Xtreme FX metallic as well as other types of epoxy floors.

Epoxy FX recommends the Satin FX metallic topcoat in garage floors, metallic floors, auto service shops, warehouses, laboratories, aircraft hangers, cafeterias, and in certain chemical exposure areas.

Contractors love the amount of time they have to apply Satin FX. With almost 2 full hours to apply, you have plenty of time to make sure it’s perfect. There’s no added rush. Satin FX is the only trusted metallic flooring topcoat for companies such as Glossy Floors.

Left uncoated, metallic floors are vulnerable to scratching and chemical damage. Satin FX metallic flooring topcoat can withstand major chemicals such as Hydrochloric Acid, MEK, Gas, Diesel, and Nitric Acid.

If that weren’t enough to convince you to try Satin FX, consider this: Satin FX metallic flooring topcoat is applied at an average of 650 square feet per gallon! That’s some major major square footage!

You and/or your customers will not be disappointed!

Pot Life 1 Gallon Kit (Max time to apply) 1 – 2 Hours
Tack Free (Dry to Touch) 3 -7 Hours
Recoat or Topcoat Not Recommended
Light Foot Traffic 14 – 24
Full Cure (Heavy Traffic) 4 – 6 Days
Application Temperature: 50-90 degrees F with relative humidity between 50% and 90%
Chemical Resistance
Acetic Acid 5% C
Gasoline D
50% Sodium Hydroxide D
10% Sulfuric D
10% Hydrochloric Acid D
20% Nitric Acid C
Ethylene Glycol D
Rating key:
A – not recommended
B – 2-hour term splash spill
C – 8-hour term splash spill
D – 72-hour immersion
E – long term immersion.