You Can Do It Too!

Metallic Epoxy Floor

Xtreme FX Metallic floors are by far the most unique floors in the world. Why? Because no two floors are ever the same. No matter how hard you try, you could never duplicate a metallic floor!

Who can install a metallic floor? Absolutely anyone!!!

The key to a great metallic floor isn’t just putting epoxy on the floor and hoping for the best. It starts by using an epoxy that is specifically formulated just for metallic floors.

Our Xtreme FX epoxy for metallic flooring is a 100% solids epoxy that is easy to use for both professional flooring contractors and DIYers alike. Our unique formula has impressed hundreds of professionals and homeowners across the country. It has an impressive 50 to 60-minute pot life which gives you an unparalleled amount of time to get creative.

Combined with our Metallic 3DFX, your Xtreme FX flooring project will be as unique as you.

The Epoxy FX support system is the absolute best! Need product advice? Give us a call anytime and we’ll make sure you get the expert knowledge you need to succeed.

Metallic Flooring Products Needed

Xtreme FX Metallic Flooring Epoxy

Xtreme FX

Metallic 3DFX Powder

Metallic 3DFX

Base Coat FX Epoxy

Base Coat FX

Base Color FX

Base Color FX

Epoxy Base Coat Instructions

Epoxy Base Coat FX - Metallic Base Coat

A properly installed Base Coat FX. See the image below to see how the metallic floor was changed per customer request. Picture courtesy: Glossy Floors

Epoxy FX floors can literally be installed by anyone! It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. If you can follow simple guidelines, you too can have one of the most sought after floors in decades.

Is there a secret to installing a great metallic epoxy floor? You bet there is! It all starts with the Base Coat FX.

The base coat is what we call the test run for a great metallic epoxy floor. It should be applied between 85-100 square feet per gallon and it should go down as close as possible to the way you want your overall metallic floor to look.

There are 3 main benefits to the Base Coat FX.

  1. The Base Coat FX is a 100% solids epoxy that seals the concrete. This is required to help ensure that any air in the concrete doesn’t come through on your final metallic floor.
  2. It gives you an excellent idea as to how your end product will look. While not required, it allows you to make changes. sometimes, either you or your customer may decide you want more or less of a particular color. You may even want to change the design.
  3. The Base Coat FX, depending on the colors used, will also show through on the final floor. It gives a very beautiful and “soft” shadow to your final metallic floor. For example, if you have black, charcoal, (Darker colors), etc. in your Base Coat FX, and you use a mixture of darker colors and lighter colors in your main Xtreme FX metallic floor, the dark colors in your base coat will show up very lightly in your main metallic coat.

While there are many tips and tricks to installing a beautiful metallic epoxy floor, it all starts with a properly installed Base Coat FX.

For each 3 gallon kit of Base Coat FX, mix 12 ounces Base Color FX and 32 oz (1 full container) of Metallic 3DFX. Mix both in Part A. You can add additional Base Color FX to ensure the concrete doesn’t show through, but the ratios above would be the minimum.

Xtreme FX Instructions

Metallic Xtreme FX - Metallic Epoxy

The final metallic floor. The customer wanted more of the darker colors. Picture courtesy: Glossy Floors

Epoxy FX recommends pouring Xtreme FX for metallic floors at a ratio of 35-50 square feet per gallon. Xtreme FX Epoxy has been specifically formulated for thicker pours. In return, your floor will have flow patterns, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

As always, to ensure proper adhesion, we recommend pouring epoxy on a properly prepared substrate. This means properly grinding or shot blasting the floor to make sure your material will adhere to the floor for many years to come. The properly prepared surface needs to be as clean as possible before applying the material.

Mix 1 container of Metallic 3DFX slowly into 2 gallons Part A of Xtreme FX. Mix well but slow. You want to avoid a rapid mixture that allows air to be inserted through a vortex. Mix for a minimum of 3 minutes. Once mixed, combine with Part B. Mix for 2 minutes. Pour the mixed material into a clean bucket and mix for an additional 1-2 minutes.

Assuming you are using more than one color, start by pouring your first color of mixed epoxy in puddles throughout your room. You can pour in puddles or straight lines. Your second color is poured in the same fashion, but pour in areas that are bare. It is ok to cross paths with your first color. They will eventually get mixed anyway.

If only using one color, simply pour your epoxy on the floor in different sections. This will prevent you from having to move large puddles of epoxy to different sections of the room.

Xtreme FX epoxy for metallic floors can be applied using several different techniques.

The most common technique is to use a lint-free roller, foam roller, or squeegee to “swirl” the epoxy in different directions. Depending on the amount of time you spend swirling your epoxy, this is a great method.

Epoxy FX likes to use the “10-minute rule” for applying Xtreme FX epoxy. Once you start moving your epoxy with your choice of a roller, squeegee, etc., don’t touch it after 10 minutes unless absolutely necessary. This will allow for the best flow pattern once it dries.

Remember, you have an extremely long pot-life with your epoxy. However, your best flow comes with placing material, moving it around, and leaving it alone.